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DJ Mac Cummings is a multi-award-winning Inspirational Gospel DJ. His career as a DJ began in Memphis, TN in 1993. As a present owner of a Global Inspirational Gospel Radio Station, DJ Mac Cummings stands on his passion to minister to the masses by bringing them spiritual motivation through his original Inspirational Gospel Mix CD’s and his love for the Turntables! He has accomplished this mission of reaching the unreachable and touching the untouchable to stadiums, churches and community crowds for over 20 years! DJ Mac has over 60 Mix CD’s, ranging from Worship, Gospel Rap, Gospel Jazz, Inspirational and International - just to name a few.

Affectionately known as the “Turntable Minister,” the life experiences of DJ Mac Cummings have molded and shaped his craft with a unique anointing that brings forth healing, deliverance and simply a celebration of who King Jesus is! As a result of his love for Christ, he has remained a Kingdom Vessel - steadfast and unmovable – in his outreach to capture lost souls through his music and his voice – all a magnification of the power of the Holy Spirit within.

“The most important thing is putting God first in everything you do. Fulfill your dream and let no one stop you from doing it.” – DJ Mac Cummings

Get ready for some Straight Ministry Heat Christian Hip Hop Live in the Mix With DJ I Rock Jesus.

DJ I Rock Jesus was born Garrick L. Slade November 18, 1964. He began spinning vinyl 18 years later as DJ: “Total Destruction” and was later known for The Chronic Mix as DJ: “Rock Master Gary “, known to friends as Gary. Garrick received the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ in 1999. With his new life and new career goals, his name changed to DJ: “I Rock Jesus”. DJ: I Rock Jesus made his first debut at a Holy Wear Production’s Praise Party on March 00’.

In October 2001 DJ I Rock Jesus Became the co-founder of The First 24-hour live gospel hip hop internet radio station entitled: EPrayzecypha.

Dj I Rock Jesus Now

Produces and hosts the syndicated internet radio show called “The Live Mix Show” that is heard around the world. Some of DJ I Rock Jesus’s accomplishments include being a featured DJ at The Holy Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, GA in January 2006, honored at the 2010 Holy Hip Hop Awards, and winning an award for urban DJ for 2011 at the kingdom choice Awards.

DJ I Rock Jesus was also nominated for the mix-tape DJ of the year in 2010 & 2011 at the IDJ Awards and he was nominated for DJ of the year at The 2016 Kingdom Choice Awards. DJ I Rock Jesus was honored at the 2017 Kingdom Choice Awards with the Legacy Award. DJ I Rock Jesus was honored at the 2018 DMV CHH Awards with The Hall Of fame Award. DJ I Rock Jesus received 2019 Spin Award for DJ Of The Year.

DJ I Rock Jesus is best known around the world for his mixed tapes. His mix-tapes are in all 50 states and several countries including the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Finland, Belgium, England, Den-mark, China, Germany, and Africa, etc

DJ I Rock Jesus contributes his success to God and his late wife Renee who passed away 4/8/09. He is thankful for the prayers, love & support she had always shown him. He recalls Her last words to him as being “YOU HAVE TO KEEP GOING” which is what he has done with the help of the Lord. So be on the lookout for that STRAIGHT MINISTRY HEAT!!!!

To God be the Glory for all the things that he has done !!!

In Love with music since he was child, listening to the jams, that rocked the house he grew up in, Charles Allbritton fell in love with the beats and soul of music. As long as 1988, Charles, better known as DJ CGA, use music to inspire many people through the mix of Gospel and Holy Hip Hop and the heart and soul of rhythm and praise.

Charles has been DJ’ing for over 25 years. He began spinning music at Christian night clubs in the Twin Cities. He also performed events, concerts and festivals. Currently, DJ CGA can be found on Mix Cloud, Sound Cloud, KMOJ 89.9 (The Ice), as well as Pope Radio.  


Born into a military family, Michael Fleming aka "MYK" has been exposed to a world of diverse situations that formed the man of God he is today. Growing up as an only child, by the grace of God, MYK was able to find peace in solitude knowing that he is never truly alone since the Holy Spirit is always there. He did not always know this and in his preadolescence, MYK fell into a deep, dark depression which led to various issues including attempts at suicide that were life-changing. Most of that time in his life was hidden to avoid the embarrassment, however; when he truly surrendered and gave his life wholly over The Lord, then his life was changed. Now Myk stands tall as a warrior on the battlefield ever ready to deliver a testimony to help others see Jesus. Equipped with the vision God placed inside him, and his beautiful wife, Serenity, beside him, MYK moves forward as the CEO of TornStraight Inc. proclaiming the Word of God and the name of Jesus in any and everything he does in an effort to continue to make Christ famous. “Pray for me as I pray for you, then we are all covered” -- Myk 

Born in Washington, DC moved to Raleigh, NC as a teen and started Djing as a hobby. In 2004 the Lord opened the door to start a show called New Song Praise taken from Psalm 149:1. The show lasted from '04 to '08 on WAJC in Raleigh, NC. Since then I have continued to mobile DJ and be very active in the Holy Hip Hop community.